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Whole car electrical appliances trainer

Whole car electrical appliances trainer

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Product description

The teaching board contains whole car electrical system. It can fully show the structure and working process of the car electrical system. It is suitable for the theoretical teaching and practical operation of the car electrical system in the secondary vocational and higher vocational institutions.

Product Detail

Structure and composition  

starting system, charging system, wiper system, lighting system, electric windows, instrumentation systems, sound systems, terminals and connections, wiring diagrams instructions, failure settings and troubleshooting system, mobile gantry, high-capacity battery or 12V switch power, etc.


1. It can fully demonstrate the structure of the various systems and the working principle of the car electrical system.
2. It allows the students to conduct series training of the whole car electrical system.
3. The data flow, read and clear fault code of car electrical system can be carried out by using apparatus.
4. It has the troubleshooting and faults setting system. You can set multiple faults, stimulate the fault, test the fault and solve the fault.
5. Diagnostic block is installed on the panel which can be connected to an auto decoder. And you can use an engine self-diagnostic functions to read the fault codes from the engine electronic control system, and clear the fault code and reading data stream.
6. Fault setting function: Multifunction switch, intelligent integration system or intelligent fault set appraisal system can be set according to the user optional manual to test the equipment.
7. After setting the fault, the students can use the apparatus to find out the location and content of the failure through the fault troubleshooting exercises. 
8. Optional functions:
This optional feature is the use of PLC or microcontroller program control to form a network system, which can achieve a net training system, ie a master control device can control and monitor multiple student’s terminal. When the teacher set the fault through the master control device, the student can do the trainings to find and solve the faults.

Technical parameter

1. Dimensions: about 1260x850x1860mm
2. Maintenance intervals: 90 days

Suitable car or engine models listed below


Car model


Car model


Jetta 1.6L


Magotan TSI


Santana AJR


Honda FIT


Passat 1.8T


Buick Excel


Toyota Corolla 2ZR-FE


Sagitar TSI 1.4


Toyota Vios 8A-FE


Chery A3

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