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Electronic cruise system teaching board

Electronic cruise system teaching board

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Product description

The teaching board is equipped with real assembly of the Passat electronic cruise control system, and auxiliary control system. It can dynamically demonstrate the whole working process of the electronic cruise system by changing the corresponding sensors signals of the engine speed controller, speed controller, transmission gear controller and cruise control switch. It has the troubleshooting and fault set function. The fault setting can set a variety of common faults to simulate actual operating conditions. It is suitable for the theoretical study and practical operation of electronic cruise system in the secondary vocational and higher vocational institutions.

Product Detail

Structure and composition  

Cruise control unit, the electronic accelerator pedal combination meter, cruise control switch, brake switch, neutral start switch and other parts, faulty equipment and troubleshooting system, mobile stand, etc.


1. Color circuit diagram and digital voltmeter.
2. External computer detection terminal makes it easy to detect circuit voltage or resistance.
3. It has dynamic presentation capabilities such as acceleration, deceleration, uphill, downhill, etc.
4. Diagnostic block installed on the bench can be connected to auto decoder. It can read fault codes from electronic control system and clear the fault code and read data stream.
5. Fault setting function: Multifunction switch, intelligent integration system or intelligent fault set appraisal system can be set according to the training requirements.
6. After setting the fault, the participant can use the instrumentation to check out the fault position and do the fault troubleshooting exercises.
7. The user can add some corresponding functions according to the requirements.


Technical parameter

1. Nylon casters: Diameter of 75mm, width 35mm, with locking casters to mobile devices. And it can move freely, and facilitate teaching.
2. Panel process: Aluminum panel with surface oxidation painting and UV Flatbed high true color schematic. It is durable and nice.
3. Detection terminals: 6mm stainless steel terminal
4. 6mmLED indicators
5. Dimensions: about 1260x850x1860mm
6. Maintenance intervals: 90 days

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